How to get involved?

Who are we?

Robogals volunteers are all university students and alumni with a common goal - to inspire young women to pursue STEM subjects and careers. If this is a passion you share then we would love to have you on board! We welcome both male and female volunteers, as every person that helps out is highly valuable to us.

Many of our volunteers have studied STEM subjects which is a benefit, but not a requirement. A background in programming is particularly useful but not necessary. All we ask of you is that you share our passion, and have a willingness to learn so that you can helps us to inspire others.

Here's a quick summary of how volunteering works - just ask us by email or at a training session if anything is unclear!

1. Sign Up
Click here to join myRobogals online, which lets you know all the events we're planning and how to get involved. Once you have signed up, you receive invitations to volunteer about upcoming workshops as well as emails about other upcoming events. You can unsubscribe from the emails at any time, and you have no obligation to attend anything just from signing up!

2. Attend a training session
The Training Manager will do a short presentation that tells you everything you need to know to get started. This is followed by a short hands-on practice session, to allow you to practice with the robots. If you do not know when the next training session is, just email the Training Manager.

3. The Schools Manager will create a workshop on myRobogals, and invite you to it
All of the information about workshops (past and present) is available at . You can check for upcoming workshops on the site, but emails inviting you to the event are also sent out.

4. Volunteer at a workshop
Sign up as ‘attending’ to an upcoming workshop, and maybe leave a note with your RSVP if you have any relevant information to share (for example, “I am happy to drive us to the school, and I have a car”). It is wise to make note of the Head Volunteer’s name, email and phone number at this point.

5. Prepare for the workshop
The Head Volunteer (coordinator of the workshop) will explain what you are doing (either through email or at a meeting) a week before you are due to work at the school. The Schools manager will coordinate your transport for you.

6. Visit the school
Please arrive on time at the designated meeting point. If for any reason you are unable to make the workshop, please give us as much notice as possible - email the Head Volunteer if it’s a few days before the workshop, or call/text them if it is the morning of the visit. If you have any problems during the visit, speak to the Head Volunteer.

7. Rinse and repeat

Feel free to volunteer at as many workshops as you are happy to do, whether it’s once a year or once a week, we appreciate all the help we get. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for social events and further training days run by the committee!